insurance-leadsYou’ve got some ambitious goals for disability insurance. Our article, How to Foolproof your DI Production in Four Easy Steps offered some ideas about identifying current clients most likely to need disability insurance. Let’s expand that lead pool by prospecting for new clients.

Networking is not prospecting. Prospecting finds people to sell your product to. Networking is establishing and building relationships, some of which may become leads. Networking is more than joining a weekly breakfast or lunch group. Effective networking changes casual connections you already have into deeper relationships that expand your network. Here are three less common ways to effectively network.

  1. Engage people who serve you professionally: Every day we interact with people who serve us professionally. Your doctor, tax preparer, and optometrist for example, are people you have professional relationships with. Each one of these are people you come into contact with regularly. How well do you know them? (Which is a different question than how well they know you.) One of the most significant factors for those who are considering financial products is their level of trust in the advisor. You trust these professionals who provide a service to you and your family. You will find that trust is more easily reciprocated by those who know that you already placed your trust in them.
  2. Discover the rewards of volunteering: The rewards of volunteering are countless. Volunteers fulfill a passion, make an impact on the community, and expand their circles of influence. As a volunteer, you also meet people you may never meet otherwise. The relationships between volunteers are strong and built upon common interests and shared experiences. Volunteering can lead to positions on non-profit boards and community fundraisers. Your next client may be someone you volunteer with or someone who knows someone you volunteer with. As a volunteer, your professional network expands exponentially.
  3. Target and align with key industries: Have you developed a specialization? If not, now is the time to do so. Once you’ve identified a targeted industry, begin to participate in professional associations and events for that industry. The purpose of your participation is not to prospect for clients but to develop insights into the industry and relationships within the community. Most industries have local associations that sponsor at least one annual event. Many associations are looking for vendors for these events. Look for the ways to attend local dinners or lunches. You will expand your network and learn more about the challenges facing the industry. When you ultimately approach your contact about the need for disability insurance you do so with knowledge of the issues they face and a relationship of trust. You should also join LinkedIn groups for your targeted industries and share helpful information there.

This is the first in a series about how to reach your disability insurance sales goals. Next week, we will explore how to transition from acquaintance to a professional conversation.

The result of effective networking will lead to DI sales. When it does, DIS is here to help you make and close the sale. If you want insights into industries to study further, call DIS or download our “Perfect Prospect” guide. Your DI sales goal is within reach!

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