disability-insuranceMillions of Americans in today’s workforce do not feel disability insurance is necessary. Nor do they have an alternative strategy to account for their lost earnings in the event a sickness or injury inhibits their ability to work.


  • A very small percentage of Americans with substantial net worth do not require the coverage.
  • Others feel they would be able to continue to perform their existing duties no matter what type of disability occurs.  (They clearly don’t know how difficult it can be to even think while reeling from the effects of chemotherapy.)
  • And still others prioritize their disposable income to the point that income protection premiums do not fit into their budgets.

This last subset of working Americans is very intriguing. According to a study by The Council for Disability Awareness, 38% of those in the workforce today could not pay their bills for more than 3 months if an injury or sickness prevented them from earning a paycheck.

One has to wonder what alternative strategy these individuals have in place to counter the financial devastation. Let’s explore some possible solutions:

  • Move into the Basement of a Relative or Friend – This is a very realistic alternative. However, how long could this last before it starts to create undue hardship on the relationship?
  • Join a Motorcycle Club – Club members have a proud tradition of protecting their own during a time of crisis. Sidecars provide an exciting ride, but this is a unique lifestyle to adopt and may create an added wardrobe expense.
  • Bus Trip to Las Vegas – For those whose savings would expire before their ability to return to work, the Roulette Table may be the solution. Placing your life savings on Red or Black could extend your lifestyle.  They should play it safe though and purchase a round trip ticket just in case the Casino absorbs their savings.

Obviously, the choices above are not good alternatives. And, that’s exactly the picture you need to paint for your clients.

A 2014 poll by The Council for Disability Awareness shows that 32 out of every 100 people surveyed would consider purchasing disability insurance if they knew more about the product.

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