insurance-sales-scriptWhat do successful movies and successful sales pitches have in common? They both rely on a great script. You might not be after an Oscar, but making a sale comes with its own set of challenges, and having a great script up your sleeve helps.

Why You Need a Good Script

When you talk to a prospect, you’re trying to present your case clearly. You have points you need to make, and you want to do so in the most convincing way possible.

Why stumble over your words each time? Without a script, you might leave something out or ramble on without a clear point. You might even say the wrong thing. With a script, you deliver a clear and consistent message.

We’re not talking about a two-hour movie or a Shakespearean monologue, either. Your sales script will be short and sweet – and easy to learn. Once you have it down, you won’t have to worry about what you’re going to say or how you’re going to say it. You won’t struggle to remember what you’ve said to each prospect, either. A good script means you have one less thing to think about.

The Elements of a Good Script

Once again, a good sales script has a lot in common with a good movie script.

  • A strong hook: You need to open with something that lures the audience in and makes them want to hear the rest.
  • Relevance: The message must be right for your audience. Focus on your prospect’s problems and worries – and make it clear that you have solutions.
  • Brevity: Your script shouldn’t be too long. You don’t people to get bored or impatient.
  • Flexibility: If something unexpected occurs, you have to be ready to improvise. Plan for all the potential sales variables and be ready to adjust your approach in a way that responds to your prospect’s feedback.
  • YOU orientation: Avoid the “show and throw up” presentation. A good script includes many questions to engage the prospect. The prospect should be talking as much or more than you.

In some ways, however, the two types of scripts differ. While a movie script is designed to entertain, a sales script is designed to inspire action. A good script should end with a clear message about the next step to be taken.

How to Deliver Your Script

A good sales script shouldn’t sound like a script. If the prospect can tell that you’re reading something, they won’t be impressed – just like they wouldn’t be impressed with an actor reading lines in a monotone voice.

Practice your script until you have it down. You need to be able to deliver it naturally, and with emotion. You should be confident in your script, and you need this confidence to show in your voice. 

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