Disability Insurance Halloween CampaignDo you remember singing “Have You Seen the Ghost of John?” around Halloween when you were in elementary school? Or maybe you learned it as “Have You Seen the Ghost of Tom?” Either way, you’ve probably heard this spooky song at some point. But maybe imagining John’s white bones doesn’t scare you the way it used to. Here’s a new rendition that’s sure to strike fear in the heart of most adults:

Have you seen the pay of John?
He got sick, now the income’s long-gone.
Can’t pay his bills; his account’s overdrawn.

How Our Fears Change

As we grow older, our fears change, but they don’t disappear. The thought of monsters lurking in our closets might not keep us up anymore, but we still lose sleep to other worries. What happens if we become sick? How will we provide for our families? What if we lose the house? These are the fears that keep adults awake at night.

As a child, you might have had a special blanket or teddy bear to protect you from the monsters. As an adult, you need more sophisticated protection. You need insurance coverage.

Help Clients Face Their Fears This Halloween

Halloween is the perfect time to address some very serious fears in a fun and lighthearted way. Just as plastic skeletons can make us laugh in the face of our own mortality, the holiday can also be used to help adults face their fears of spiders, ghosts and, yes, even disability.

For many adults, disability and financial ruin are very real fears, and disability insurance offers important protection. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t want to spend time dwelling on these fears – and that means they may not purchase disability insurance.

This Halloween, help your clients face their fears. We have a complete Halloween campaign that includes a frighteningly fun email, a Halloween-themed stat pack, and three Halloween-themed social media posts. You can even share excerpts from this article in your own e-newsletter.

Put some teeth into your marketing. Download the Halloween campaign now.

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