If you’re looking for ways to boost your disability insurance quotes, you should be looking into professional associations. Nearly every industry and every group of professionals has its own association – dentists, attorneys, accountants, physicians, and more. In fact, according to the Center for Association Leadership, there were 90,908 trade and professional associations in 2009, and the number is growing.

Professionals in many of these industries have a higher than average income and have worked a long time to build that earning capacity, so they naturally have a big incentive to protect their incomes. And that’s a big opportunity for you. Aligning with these associations is a great way to get in front of high income prospects and offer an income protection solution.

But don’t expect easy access and an immediate flood of disability insurance quotes. This is a long-term relationship nurturing process, and it requires patience to get to know the association members and let them get to know you.

So how do you break into the “inner circle” of professional associations? Here are six proven steps to get your foot in the door, get yourself in front of the movers and shakers, and eventually take your place as a trusted advisor.

1.  Decide who you want to work with.

The medical market is one of the easiest to sell to because healthcare professionals know firsthand that there’s a genuine need for disability insurance. But don’t just go where the money is if the niche isn’t your cup of tea. You also need to consider how well you know the industry, how comfortable you are with those in the industry, and look at all the variables before choosing your target market.

2.  Build relationships.

Once you’ve introduced yourself, get involved. Become a sponsor in a charity event. Buy ad space in the directory. Offer to be a speaker. Get to know the association’s executive director, who can give you the best advice about how to participate in the association and get your message out to members.

3.  Talk up your member discounts for disability insurance quotes.

Professional associations know that discounted disability rates and access to quality insurance are valuable to their members. Let the decision makers know you can offer top-of-the-line insurance products at competitive rates, and you’ll begin to gain their trust and pique their interest.

4.  When appropriate, make your best pitch.

When you’ve connected with the right people and are ready to propose an endorsement, make sure your plan is well-organized. Reiterate your discount offerings, use solid facts and figures, and make your most compelling case about the value of your services to members. When you’re ready to sign the deal, work with your DI wholesaler to complete the necessary applications and paperwork.

5.  Spread the word.

Once you’ve secured the necessary carrier approvals, put on the marketing hat and go to work. Send an introductory letter or flier to members announcing your services, discounted rates for disability insurance quotes, and the many benefits of income protection. Advertise in the association’s monthly magazine. Use email marketing. Get involved in association events. Just like with any other prospect, you have to put in the time and build the relationships. 

6.  Always strive to add value.

As your book grows and your relationship with the association matures, keep your antennae up for ways to provide even more value. For example, if members are business owners, watch for opportunities to meet their other business income protection needs. Become a trusted advisor with complete solutions.

Associations aren’t quick and easy DI prospects, but the payoff can be big. It’s also a great way for you to gain an insider’s view of your target industry. That helps you better understand your clients’ and prospects’ needs, which leads to broader and deeper relationships. And that means more sales. Once you break into associations, you’ll start to experience break-out DI sales.

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