disability insuranceFootball is a game I grew up with that my family and friends enjoyed watching.  More importantly, we would lovingly brag and tease each other on the outcome of our favorite team’s performance from the previous week. However, even at a young age, I remember seeing careers end after a play went bad or a brutal hit was sustained.  Football players on average tend to have fairly short playing careers, usually ranging from three to six years. 

With this year’s regular season coming to an end and the playoffs in sight, I am reminded that these gridiron gladiators are employees who receive paychecks.  The majority of today’s workforce will have much longer working years in their profession and even though they probably have safer jobs than that of professional athletes, injuries and illnesses do occur.  Due to this fact, it is crucial for insurance professionals to explain the importance of disability insurance and other vital insurance products to their prospects and clients.

Use these lessons from football to perform like a disability insurance sales MVP: 

  • Recruitment.  Your ideal draft might include top DI prospects such as physicians, attorneys and business owners, but there are many other occupations, that need paycheck protection, too.  Help them get in the game. 
  • Coaching.  Be ready and prepared to explain the need for the specific product that best protects their income.  Allow us to be your assistant coach and help design insurance product plans that insure your clients’ current or eventual needs.
  • Pass Protection.  Life events and various obstacles, such as an incomplete application or an exclusion, are part of the game, but being aware of the obstacle blitz and having a backup play will allow you to cover your clients with the best income protection available.
  • Instant replay.  In life, it is much better to make the correct call first.  Protecting your clients’ financial assets with products like Disability Insurance, Critical Illness insurance and/or Long Term Care insurance is definitely the correct play!
  • Quarterback.  When discussing income protection options with prospective clients, have marketing materials, applications, and a selection of real life insurance stories ready to hand-off and lead the way.
  • Halftime Show.  Schedule presentations within your community to enlighten or strengthen their idea of the need for various insurance products.  Organized events are great ways to meet prospective clients and receive possible referral opportunities.
  • Touchdown.  You may have made an insurance sale, but before you do your end-zone celebration dance, make sure your clients’ income is completely protected.  This helpful handout can be your playmaker and assists in explaining which product protects your clients’ financial assets throughout the various quarters of their lives.   

We at DIS never want you to feel like you missed the playoffs and your season is over.  You can be an MVP in the insurance game and DIS will help you achieve that goal.  We look forward to supplying you with quotes, offering you innovative selling tools, and suggesting various options for your clients.  DIS is here to help you every step of the way for a successful drive to more DI, CI and LTCi sales.

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