disability-insurance-salesIn case you haven’t heard, there’s going to be a new Star Wars movie. The film’s trailer has already invaded television and social media, merchandise is spilling out into the aisles at just about every store, and Halloween brought forth more Lukes and Leias than we’ve seen in years. But despite all the attention, hype and in-your-face advertising, there’s still one problem—people like me still don’t care.

I’ve never seen Star Wars (I know, apparently it’s a crime), and I couldn’t care less about the newest addition to the franchise. Yet, for some reason, coworkers, family, and friends keep talking to me about the upcoming film. No one’s asked me if I’ve seen any of the previous films, or if I have any interest whatsoever in the franchise, but numerous people have asked me if I purchased tickets to see the movie the night it comes out, and they’re shocked when I say I doubt I’ll see it at all. Everyone who loves Star Wars (and that’s a lot of people) just assumes everyone else loves Stars Wars. But the fact is, not everyone loves Star Wars, and, in some cases, they haven’t even seen the movies.

Insurance agents have the same problem. They LOVE their products, they believe in their products, and they can talk to just about anyone about the ins and outs of various types of insurance coverage. But what they often fail to realize is that their love and enthusiasm for their products often overshadows the issue that their clients don’t know anything about the products they’re being sold.

Think about how many times you’ve spent your client meetings going on and on about the bells and whistles you can put on their policies and how you’ve managed to cut costs to help them achieve affordable premiums, yet the clients just weren’t interested. It’s possible that you lost the sale, despite your passion and sound policy plans, because you failed to first ensure that your clients even know what the products ARE, WHY they need it, and WHAT type of coverage they provide.

Just as I’ve heard of Star Wars and can give you a general synopsis of what the movies are about or who the characters are, your client probably has a general understanding of what something like disability insurance is, or what some important riders might be. But has anyone who’s obsessed with the movies ever sat down and told me how the stories evolve, WHY they’re so amazing, or why I HAVE to see the new movie? Of course not, so I still have zero interest in Star Wars. So if you’ve never provided statistical evidence or personal stories on WHY your clients need disability insurance, or HOW the coverage can protect them from bankruptcy or hardship, will they care about the bells and whistles or the discounts you can provide? Of course not.

Remember, it’s crucial that you always make sure your clients understand the products your selling, why they might need it, and how it could benefit them. If all you do is rave about how incredible you think it is and how everyone should have it, you’re no different than someone talking about Star Wars to a person who’s never going to buy a ticket to the movie.

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