With Disability Insurance Awareness Month underway, now is a perfect time to assess your clients’ income protection needs … and your own. In any type of sales position, it can be difficult to sell something that you don’t believe in. That’s why in restaurants, waiters are often encouraged to taste the specials. Chefs know that once the food is tasted, it can be described with much greater enthusiasm and orders increase.

If you’re not successfully selling disability insurance quotes, and you don’t yet have your own income protection, try experiencing the product for yourself. Get familiar with the peace of mind that income protection provides so you can share the benefits with enthusiasm.

Our very own Assistant Sales Supervisor, and former agent, Ron Tretiak sums up the benefits like this:

“When I was an agent, I carried my life and DI policies in presentable leather portfolio that I called the ‘I love my family enough to do the right thing’ care package. During my presentation, I would show prospects my responsibility portfolio and explain the feeling of knowing that my family’s finances were safe – no matter what happened to me.”

Disability insurance is an intangible product and because of that, it’s hard to elicit an emotional need to buy. However, Ron’s care package is a great example of how you can make insurance more tangible by getting creative with your presentations.

If you haven’t already done so, write a disability insurance policy on yourself and collect the commission as your reward. Wondering how much it would cost? Find out by test driving our all new online quoting engine!

Also, visit the Disability Insurance home page to view a new disability insurance video every day during the month of May!


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