disability-insurance-salesIt’s a new year. Don’t get stuck using the same old, ineffective strategies. Make 2020 the year you meet—and maybe even surpass—your sales goals. With these 10 strategies, 2020 can be your best year ever.

  1. Shock them with statistics. According to the Social Security Administration, one in four of today’s 20-year-olds will before disabled before reaching retirement age. With stats like that, making the case for paycheck protection is easy. Choose from several great infographics here.
  2. Make an emotional appeal. Statistics can be very convincing, but some people like to think the worst could never happen to them. Use personal stories to show how disability can affect anyone. Here are four compelling stories you can use.
  3. Remember women. Women are bringing home the bacon. Now they need to protect their incomes with paycheck protection. Don’t ignore half of your potential clients. Make sure you’re helping women get the disability insurance they need. Get all the information you need to market disability insurance to women here.
  4. Request referrals. You work hard to keep your clients satisfied. Don’t be shy about asking for referrals. Have your business card on hand and include a request for referrals in your email signature.
  5. Embrace cross-selling. Don’t make your clients go elsewhere for additional coverage types. Cross-selling is a great way to ensure that your clients are fully covered—and to secure some additional sales. Download our cross-selling guide to learn more.
  6. Use a great script. Don’t get tongue tied when you’re talking to a prospect. A great script can help you cover all the points you need to make in the most convincing way possible. Check out our disability insurance sales script.
  7. Up your online presence. A strong online presence is no longer optional. According to LIMRA, more and more consumers are turning to the internet to learn about insurance products. Give them a reason to come to you with a great website and active social media. Here are some tweetable facts to get you started.
  8. Educate your clients. The more your clients know about disability insurance, the more likely they are to understand why they need it. Client handouts can be a great way of educating clients. You can get a baker’s dozen of popular client handouts here.
  9. Simplify quotes. These days, people expect fast answers. Our proprietary DI Analyzer quote engine delivers with quick, easy comparisons. Anytime you provide a life insurance quote, add on a disability insurance and long-term care insurance quote. You might be surprised at the interest you generate. Request a quote here.
  10. Use a waiver. Even if you do everything right, some clients will turn down disability insurance. Have them sign a waiver of liability. This will protect you from E&O claims alleging that you failed to offer appropriate coverage. It may also get the client to think twice about going without such important coverage. Our Sales Script includes a waiver template. Download it here.

Need a little incentive to get you going? Between January 1 and March 30, 2020, you earn up to six gift cards to Amazon, Ruth’s Chris Steak House or the Cheesecake Factory. Learn more about the Shop or Dine promotion.  We look forward to supporting your success this year. Reach out to the Regional Office closest to you, if you’d ever like assistance.

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