Disability-InsuranceWhat tool is the MOST IMPORTANT to your success as an insurance producer?

It’s not a sales script or a brochure. It’s not a call center or a follow up strategy. It’s not even a good system for insurance lead generation. While all of these tools are important, they quickly fall flat without a person behind them.

When it comes to selling insurance, people make the difference. They establish rapport, build need, share compelling testimonials, overcome objections and explain all the pesky product details. And when you think about it, insurance sales professionals achieve all of these important objectives through the power of speech.

In fact, your ability to speak may be your most important sales tool as an insurance producer. So, imagine for a moment how scary it would be to lose your ability to speak for a year or more!  That’s exactly what happened to insurance producer, Bob D.

Bob’s Story

A few years ago, Bob was nearly killed by an unexpected stroke. Fortunately, he survived. However, his doctors delivered some disturbing news: They believed he would regain use of all functions – EXCEPT SPEECH. 

Have you ever stopped to think about how you might do your job as an insurance professional if you were unable to talk? That’s exactly the dilemma that Bob had to mull over. As an insurance agent, he could more easily work without the ability to walk, then he could without the ability to talk!

Fortunately, Bob believed in disability insurance and he had taken the time to invest in paycheck protection for himself years earlier.

Instead of losing everything he owned during this potential financial crisis, his disability insurance coverage bought him the valuable time needed to retrain his brain to communicate. Over time, he regained his ability to speak and to tell everyone his personal disability insurance success story.  

If Bob ever had any doubts about the value of disability insurance, those doubts are now erased forever. Share this story with everyone you know, and if you haven’t already done so, get paycheck protection for yourself!

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