Income-Protection“Disability Insurance is a hard sale!”

“No one wants to buy disability insurance!”

These are some very familiar comments from agents who specialize in other lines.

Fortunately, there is a very powerful solution.


With our free lead generator tool, you can maximize your presence on the Internet, and on social media to capture the attention of consumers WANTING to protect their INCOMES!

This tool is an icon asking “Is Your Income Protected?” which leads to a few simple questions.

Once the consumer answers the questions, we get what we need to send you disability insurance quotes. You get their contact information. All that is left is a call to say, “I see you are interested and I have solutions, when can we meet?”

The best part is when consumers knocks on YOUR door, they are READY to buy from YOU!

Place this tool everywhere you are able to and let the consumer responses prove DI Sales are easy!

P.S. The same tool can also be sent to prospects via email through our free Brokers Computer Assisted Marketing (BCAM) program. This video explains the details!

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