Think back to the last time you purchased a new vehicle. If you’re like many people, you selected a car from the lot, took it for test drive and then got down to price haggling. Once you and the dealer agreed on a price for the vehicle, the add-on questions ensued.  Would you like the extended warranty? How about the paint and upholstery protection package? Need a bug guard? Floor mats? Roof rack?  You get the picture.

Now, think about your last online iPad purchase. If your experience was like mine, you selected the model and proceeded to checkout. Before you entered your credit card, you had to answer a few questions. Would you like your name engraved? Do you need a case? Do you want an extra charger?

Did you notice something surprising in both of these transactions? Once the decision to buy is made, it becomes much easier to spend a little more to customize the item and make it perfect.

Now, what if producers in the disability insurance industry used this same approach to sell disability insurance quotes?

It’s admittedly unconventional. However, marketing techniques that are successful in one industry can usually be applied to another industry. Why reinvent the wheel?

With cars and computers in mind, my team and I created a revolutionary new approach for selling disability insurance quotes. We call it The Unit Selling Method. Rather than presenting a “bells and whistles” disability insurance quote, we present the base model, gain agreement from the client, and then facilitate an “add-on” process allowing the client to custom-build a perfect-fit policy.

The truth is “bells and whistles” policies are great for affluent clients and physicians, but they often include features that the average middle-income professional will never need or use. For this reason, we often lose middle-income clients due to price objections. We’re trying to sell them Ferraris and all they really need are Hondas.

The paycheck remains most Americans’ greatest asset and our goal is to provide income protection for every American. If they’re more likely to buy the needed coverage when it is presented with a “base model” sales approach, then so be it.

Want to learn more?

Download our free tip sheet –  Sales Strategy #3  – The Unit Selling Method and register to attend our all new Unit Selling Speed- Webinar on Wednesday, February 27.  Our new Speed-Webinar format is over and done in just 10 minutes, so of course you have time for that!


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