disability-insurance-salesBack in March of this year, during Major League Baseball’s spring training, I read an article about a professional baseball player not being able to be the starting pitcher.  Why?  Was it due to sickness, injury, or another player being selected?  No, it was because of Google Maps.  Seriously.  Well, that was the gentleman’s reason for not being at the correct location by the game’s start time.  Is the reason true or just an excuse?  Does it really matter?  The media had a field day with it and I admit I smirked when reading the story. 

Most of us have been late for one reason or another.  We can’t find our keys, car trouble, and a long list of other possibilities.  In our business of being a trusted adviser of insurance products, the perception and reputation of respecting someone’s time is highly valued.  It sounds like basic advice, and in a way it is, but we can sometimes forget to be mindful and take it for granted.  In our current world of time poverty and life moving too quickly, we need to be extra concerned with wasting our clients’ time or even inadvertently showing them that their schedules are second to our own.  Also, feeling frantic or stressed doesn’t usually place us in the most ideal frame of mind.

In conversations with brokers and colleagues throughout the years, we’ve swapped tales of our computer suddenly installing updates minutes before an appointment, our printer running out of ink half way through an application, and/or traffic issues near a client’s office.  Things happen and our day doesn’t always go according to plan, but here are a few simple items to ensure a smoother and less stressful client meet-up: 

  • Do your homework.  Know as much about your client as possible such as their occupation, gender, income, health history, date of birth, tobacco use, etc.  This way you are ready to answer the client’s specific questions.  Also, have an application or two printed out the day before with any applicable marketing pieces you feel will be helpful during the meeting.
  • Show up to the location early.  Not only will you allow for traffic, detours, and incorrect GPS directions, but you will more than likely have a bit of time to personally go over your client’s details, carrier applications, and any other important topics to be shared.
  • Allow for enough time during the meeting.  This is usually more of an art than a science.  There is a fine line between an efficient day and making your client feel rushed.  You can show your client that you respect their time, so you will be brief and to the point, while also letting them know they have plenty of time to ask any questions or discuss their concerns.

Preparation usually plays a vital role in a successful game plan, whether you are a professional baseball player or an insurance professional.  At DIS, we know a little about baseball and a great deal about disability insurance.  Let us help by supplying you a DI quote, explaining certain DI products, and suggesting various DI options for your clients. And if you haven’t already done so, subscribe to our blog in the upper right corner of this screen for more great sales ideas.

Wishing you a great client meeting.  Happy selling!

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