When there’s no wind to propel your sails, you’re dead in the water. And unfortunately, that’s the status of roughly 30 percent of DI quotes. In the disability insurance industry, an astonishing 30 percent of applications submitted are NEVER placed. They aren’t rejected or accepted – they’re simply dead in the water.

And those numbers only reflect sales appointments that actually resulted in DI quotes. A huge number of sales appointments never even make it to the quote stage – so they never have a chance to gain momentum.

Here at DIS, we’ve been studying this “dead in the water” issue since 1997 and we’ve realized that there are six common disability insurance quote killers. Sales Killer #4 is refusing to cut and run. Are you guilty?

Here’s how it unfolds …

You’re anchored in the middle of the ocean when suddenly a dark ominous cloud appears overhead. Lightning strikes and waves roll. Up until that moment, the fishing seemed good. So you hesitate to cut the anchor and run – even though you know you should. Instead you hang on … hoping for conditions to improve.

If you think about it, many of your DI prospects are just like that anchor. When a sale begins to go sideways, you have to recognize the warning signs. You also have to be willing to address cloudy conditions with pointed questions. For example, if the prospect says, “Let me think it over – I’m not sure I can afford it,” don’t just agree. Master the art of securing up-front commitment. You might say something like, “What is a comfortable budget for you? If I can structure a policy that falls within that budget, will you go forward?” 

If you meet the client’s budget expectations and he still hesitates, use the Waiver of Liability form to up the ante. Often, when the Waiver comes out, and clients stop to really consider the ramifications of no coverage, objections evaporate. If the Waiver doesn’t work, chances are high that this prospect is dead weight. Cut and run and devote your time to prospects who really understand the need for income protection.

So now you know DI Sales Killer #4.  Have you been failing to cut and run? The first step is recognizing the problem. Once you do that, it’s easy to take action. The waiver and our most popular DI sales script are both included in our free Wealth Preservation Plan. Feel free to download it if you haven’t already done so.

Are you wondering if you’re guilty of the other five sales killers? You should be. Can you imagine your earning potential if you turned all your “dead in the water” disability insurance quotes into sales? What a bounty! Download our “Six Sales Killers” report today and start gaining momentum tomorrow!


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