di done right Attorneys

market snapshot

Like doctors, dentists, engineers and other highly-paid professionals, attorneys desperately need individual disability
insurance. While their work is admittedly cerebral and sedentary, it requires advanced cognitive thinking, consulting
and reasoning – capabilities that are easily diminished by unexpected illnesses and the drugs used to treat them.

opportunity overview

Lawyers have made significant investments into both their education and their businesses to work in their field. They have
spent years in higher education, from a bachelor’s degree to a professional degree – a Juris Doctor (or J.D.); Some may go
beyond the standard J.D. and earn the LLM Master of Laws, or Master of Comparative Laws, according to the American Bar
association. There are also other degree programs focusing on research and academia – like the Doctor of Judicial Science
(SJD) or the Doctor of Jurisprudence (JSD).

If an attorney has a stroke, is diagnosed with cancer or develops early dementia, they are often unable to work for an
extended period of time.
Likewise, attorneys are human. They enjoy riding bikes and motorcycles; hiking and skiing; and indulging in a wide
range of other activities that can result in injuries. They also drive vehicles – often in heavy traffic.

The point is this: Life happens in an instant and attorneys, like most working people, are vulnerable to illnesses and
injuries. They’re also reliant on their paychecks.